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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

First official review for HOT GOSSIP!

Here's a sneek peek at my first review from Joyfully Reviewed...

"Hot Gossip by Tawny Stokes is a keeper that I thoroughly enjoyed reading! I am ecstatic that I found another talented author to add to my list, and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Stokes. As for Hot Gossip, I recommend this enjoyable novel to any and all readers!"
- Talia Ricci

I'm very excited about this. It's hard to wait for reviews on a first time book. Especially when no one knows what to expect because you're new. So thanks Talia for reading and reviewing my book!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sleight of Hand - Lauren Dane

Here's a wonderful excerpt from Lauren Dane's new one SLEIGHT OF HAND, coming from Whispers Publishing.

© Copyright LAUREN DANE, 2006.
All Rights Reserved, Whispers, Inc.

Looking into her eyes, watching the flecks of color there, he did his own remembering of that first time they’d been together. He’d been coming to the bar nightly for months and had pursued her relentlessly. She’d continually deflected his advances, much to his great frustration. So he’d watched her, learned her.

He took note of her love of games of chance and of taking risks, and he used it. Daring to lay it on the line, he challenged her to trust fate and let the coin decide. As he knew he would, he won the toss, they’d gone back to her Victorian in Queen Anne, and he’d watched her disrobe in the golden light of the candles she’d lit all around the room. Her hair had flowed over her shoulders like liquid flame, and he was sure at that moment he’d never seen a more beautiful sight. And for the last six months, he’d been with her as often as he could, in and out of her bed, but always in her life every moment he could steal. He had immense greed for her.

“Well? What do you say, beautiful?”

Chewing on her bottom lip, she considered what to do. The truth of it settled into her in a way she could no longer deny. She loved Xander Stryker to distraction. The fact that he’d sent Henry to strong arm her into taking Alex in instead of coming to her himself—that he’d been heavy handed with something she thought he’d done out of affection—hurt her more than just about anything she’d ever experienced. All because she loved him.

Nodding, she decided to trust fate another time. To let her know whether she should move on and kick this ass out of her life or give him another chance.

“Okay, I call tails.”

He made an annoyed sound and stepped back. “Fine! If you think it’s fair to throw it out there before I’d even known you were going to agree, then you can have tails.” He pouted, and she rolled her eyes.

“Whatever. You’re lucky I haven’t staked your worthless ass yet. So get moving, fang. Toss that thing, and let’s get it over with.”

Grinning, he tossed it into the air and clapped his hand over it. Heart pounding, Lissie leaned in close to see what side the coin would be on when he moved his hand back. And also to be sure he didn’t cheat.

He pulled his hand back, and she saw that it was heads. She’d lost. Relief poured through her.

Chuckling, he gave her a lascivious grin. “Heads.” The quarter disappeared back into his pocket.

She grabbed his hand, pushed it out of the way, and shoved her hand in his pocket. “Let me see that. You probably cheated.”

He moved her hand out of the way, digging into his pocket to pull out the quarter. Wearing a smirk, he handed it to her.

Examining it, she saw it was a normal quarter and handed it back with a sigh, scowling at his arrogant smirk.
“Satisfied, my darling?” His voice was suddenly a purr. Velvet and seductive, it slithered down her spine, leaving a flush of desire in its wake.

“A bet’s a bet.” Her voice was slightly hoarse, and she clenched her hands into fists to keep from shaking.

“Oh, it is. Now then, take the t-shirt off,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. He leaned back against the table behind him, watching her every move.

Moving her trembling hands to the hem of her shirt, she pulled it up and over her head and draped it over a barstool. She shot him a dirty look and stood before him, nipples hard, the silver of the ring winking at him in the dim light.

“So damned beautiful.” The sight of her there made him ache with the miracle of it. Truly though, there weren’t words to accurately describe what she was. What she meant to him.

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