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Friday, January 27, 2006

Cover for HOT GOSSIP

I love the guy on this cover. Isn't that a sexy look? Hmm, I'd love to have a man whisper into my ear like that...

Here's a little bit about the book:

Makayla Bradley is a small time journalist working for a small time celebrity rag called Hot Gossip. All she wants is to get that one story, the one expose that could catapult her to stardom and land her a job with a bigger and better magazine.

Her chance comes when her editor asks her to get the scoop on rogue playboy executive, Ethan Devane, who is in town on secret business. Mak jumps at the opportunity. She can kill two birds with one stone…get the dirt on a top Canadian celebrity making her career, and humiliate the man who snubbed her two years prior in a Toronto nightclub. She’s never forgotten it or the humiliation she experienced.

Mak employs her usual tricks of the trade--covert undercover work--and poses as a French vamp-du-jour to follow Ethan around town and get his attention. She discovers not only is he still the sexiest man alive but also, to her chagrin, he may possess a heart underneath all that gloss and charm. Is Mak really willing to expose herself, to the one man she could fall in love with, to get the hot gossip on his life?

Coming February 28th from Whispers Publishing.


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